Enom Email Notifications Do Not Work

As a matter of courtesy, I keep a look out for email notices of pending domain name expirations.

One client claims they never got any email notification about their domain name expiring and their domain name expired.  I never got any email notifications.  I bit the bullet on this and paid the $250 to reactivate the domain name.

This was totally unacceptable, but Enom insisted they sent the email; the problem must reside on our end.  Not being able to disprove this,  I set up domainadmin —at– hammock-registration.com which is hosted by Enom.  This should ensure that I have a complete set of all email sent by Enom.  From Enom to Enom…  it should work.

It doesn’t.  And Enom can’t figure out why.

I have no email client set to retrieve email from this account.  That was the whole point, to have a complete set of email.

I find it unacceptable that email from a registrar is unreliable.

If anyone has had similar experiences, please let me know.


Scott See

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